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Pharmaceutical / Biotechnology


Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies share the need to control a wide variety of processes, instruments and equipments to ensure the safety and effectiveness of their products. Meeting GxP (GLP, GCP and GMP) requirements is predominantly achieved through tedious documentation work, performed by quality professionals.


When the inside people are overwhelmed by the regulations and the shear number of documents and tasks, outside consultants are called to the rescue.


Clarmon’s solutions enable pharmaceutical and biotech companies to reduce the cost and time of compliance by automating recurring documentation tasks and integrating the best practices.

Quality information spread across multiple facilities can be stored in central repositories and managed from any location through a web interface and through Microsoft® Word.


Manual tasks are eliminated by connecting GxP processes such as validation, corrective and preventive actions, equipment inventory management, change management or audit management.



Clarmon’s solutions help pharmaceutical and biotech companies:




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