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Corrective/Preventive Actions

Establishing and demonstrating that an adequate CAPA program has been implemented is one of the challenging requirements that companies have to meet.

Inadequate product quality, customer complaints or system’s failure should promptly trigger investigations, solving the problem as fast as possible and preventing it from recurring.

CAPA documentation in most companies is paper based and the CAPA process is poorly integrated with the other quality processes. Additional problems may stem from insufficient internal capabilities and knowledge to sustain the process.



QAvalid CAPA™

QAvalid CAPA™ is a Web based system, designed to efficiently manage corrective and preventive actions processes. QAvalid CAPA™ provides a simple solution with configurable templates to capture incidents, route them through best practice workflows and accelerate collaboration.


Compliance with GxP and ISO requirements is enforced by ensuring that all the necessary information has been captured and that each step of the investigation has been adequately documented. QAvalid users can participate in the CAPA process using electronic forms supported by automatic audit trails and electronic signatures.


Quality managers are able to track the status of each nonconformance, have increased overview into the CAPA system and can rapidly generate data to demonstrate that investigations have been adequately performed and corrective and preventive actions taken.


By connecting CAPA with other quality processes such as change control, audits, SOPs or validation, companies reduce the risk of non-compliance.


QAvalid CAPA™ is part of the QAvalid suite designed to manage and automate quality and compliance processes. QAvalid integrates and connects quality processes, providing a single, Web based platform which allows users to create, control and track information and still work in a simple and flexible manner.



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