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Change Management

Change Control and Configuration Management (Change Management) are closely related systems, responsible for identifying and tracing changes to documents and equipments. Within regulated environments, changes to the quality system have to be reflected in the documentation and must pass through a formal approval process.

In order to ensure that quality systems continue to produce consistent and compliant results, changes must be carefully analyzed, by understanding their impact and taking all the necessary measures to mitigate risks.



QAvalid Change™

QAvalid Change™ is an electronic system designed to support a formal, GxP compliant method of implementing changes. All modifications are implemented through a specially designed workflow that is supported by automatic audit trails.


By storing all document baselines and linking them to the change requests QAvalid Change™ allows users to accurately see what was modified, when, why and who approved it.


The Web based system allows users to collaborate in the change process in a simple manner from any location. Special reports provide users with an overview of all changes within a particular part of the system or within a specific time interval.


QAvalid Change™ is part of the QAvalid suite designed to manage and automate quality and compliance processes. QAvalid integrates and connects quality processes, providing a single, Web based platform which allows users to create, control and track information and still work in a simple and flexible manner.


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